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43 800.542.2379 STAIRCASES 13-45025-946 13-08086-000 13-00086-403 13-47028-000 45-399 81-351 Inspirational Concept #B-10938 13-47027-330 13-50-10 13-45025-947 13-45025-950 13-45025-945 13-20060-253 13-00086-403 81-351 Inspirational Concept #B-10939 13-06027-342 13-00086-405 13-113-8 13-07025-256 13-20024-133 13-112-HBL 81-350-1316 81-351 Inspirational Concept #B-10903R The cast iron components in these designs can only be relied upon for decorative purposes. All structural integrity and/or load bearing requirements must be achieved with structural metal stock. Quality, Value and Service, every time. IMPERIAL (APPROX) 9/16"x 5/16" FAMILY B IMPERIAL (EXACT) .551"x .278" SOLID PLAIN Flat bAR 14mm x 7mm .
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