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28 2014 King Architectural Metals • All Rights Reserved STAIRCASES IMPERIAL (APPROX) 1/2" FAMILY G IMPERIAL (EXACT) .472" HAND HAMMERED SQUARE BAR 12mm 13-99-1 13-99-2 13-45512-000 13-112-5 81-399 13-21095-312 13-20072-410 Inspirational Concept #G-10787 13-99-2 13-45512-000 13-47506-000 13-99-1 13-47076-000 13-116-A18 Inspirational Concept #G-10788 13-99-1 13-99-2 13-112-5 81-399 13-21095-312 Inspirational Concept #G-80004 Earth First. Recycling is a cornerstone of King Metals. We’re committed to making a cleaner world for the next generation. .
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